A caffeine free, revolutionary supplement that assists in reversing the signs of aging, boosts energy, increases fat loss and cellular repair.

Elevate ATP & DNA Repair™ works by giving cells all of the "activators" that are needed to encourage the formation of additional energy (ATP). When you increase your ATP levels, you enhance your energy, metabolism, focus and every cell function in your body. One of the most tremendous benefits from using this supplement is its ability to take fat from your cells to stimulate ATP production improving overall health.


A proprietary blend (1000 mg) of Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Calcium Pyruvate, CoQ10, L-Aspartic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Potassium Citrate, Homeopathic Cell Salt, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Ganoderma, AC-11® (Uncaria Tomentosa) is a Registered Trademark of Optigenex Inc. US Patents (U.S. Patent No’s 6,039,949; 6,238,675 B1;6,361,805 B2; 6,964,784 B2). Each capsule of Elevate contains 100 mg of AC-11®

Take 1-2 capsules per day with each meal. You may experience a temporary flush or a warm, tingling sensation throughout the body. This is normal and will subside over time

Minimum Efficacious Dose by Weight

50-100 lbs: 3 Caps/Day

100-150 lbs: 4 Caps/Day

150-200 lbs: 5 Caps/Day

200-250 lbs: 6 Caps/Day

250+ lbs: 7-8 Caps/Day

Activate ATP best with 90 minutes of exercise a week

"I would like to say thank you for making Elevate supplements available for purchase in your Salon, Elevate has changed my life. I have adrenal fatigue and was extremely tired all the time, and had a foggy head, which made my life and everyday hard work. I was told about the product but have to admit I was very skeptical. After 3 days my foggy head had gone, and my energy levels were amazing. I especially love this product and thank elevate for giving me back my life. I really recommend this product to anyone especially if you need an extra boost. Thank you Elevate!" ~ June J

"Thank you for the wonderful products. Restore and Elevate are incredible tools to have in the treatment of immune deficient patients. Client's are reaching levels of healing faster with the Osmosis Wellness products than with any other product I have utilized in the last 3 years. With gratitude" ~ Susan Rohr BSN, RN


Significant improvement in cellulite reduction was seen after only 8 weeks.

1 pill 2x daily, increasing to 2 pills 2x daily within 2 weeks. Taking the last 2 pills no later than three in the afternoon. No changes in diet or exercise were made.


Check out the incredible weight loss experienced by Ryan! Over 100 pounds lost thanks to Elevate ATP & DNA Repair.


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by Daniel
on 7/30/2016It's so so good

I've been so very sick and had many surgeries . My energy was totally zapped and I spend hundreds Ans hundreds of pounds in all kinds of supplements hoping they would help me regain my vitality . Nothing worked and I felt so down and depressed as I thought I would not ever feel better . I use Osmosis skin care in the UK and I had a chance to buy this supplement . I really didn't think anything would work !! But two days later and I could cry ! I feel it going into my veins ! I feel this strange kind of energy starting to build up each day . I feel a bit more alive and that's after two days ! My appetite has increased ! Which is so good ! It's only been two days and I can't wait until tomorrow to see what happens and each day from now on . I think I may have found my life force ! I will report back on how things are ! You saved my skin and now I think your helping me get my life back ! Osmosis I love you Danny

by DebraLee
on 4/9/2015Weight loss

I always try products before recommending them to my clients. I started taking elevate a little over a month and am feeling that it is helping my metabolism greatly. I have lost 5 pounds since taking it. This is really good for a 50 year old going through menopause. I am also sleeping better. I love all of the products and hope to be a walking billboard for health and vitality. I am on my way! Very thankful!


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