July Featured Items: Moodstar Stick Incense & Sun's Eye Oils

Moodstar Stick Incense.

Moodstar Peaceful Incense is handmade and packed in the USA by Bernard Cappelli. Each fragrance is carefully formulated using scents of nature and beautifully boxed with lovely illustrations and inspirational quotes.  We carry 18 different fragrances.

Sun’s Eye Oils

Sun’s Eye is a metaphysical perfumery that uses scent to create atmosphere through intention. Our oils are more than just beautiful and enticing aromas; our blends are based on time-honored traditions that consider the energetic signature of the elements used to create the formula, such as the herbs, flowers, or stones. When using Sun’s Eye oils, you not only invoke the energy related to the formula, but you also are subconsciously reminded of your intention and because the fragrances are so pleasing, the intention correlates with the enjoyment of the scent.  We carry 23 different fragrances.