Spotlight on Melodious Strains in September


Precision tuned to standard orchestral pitch (A440), their elegant design provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments. Guaranteed!!

These enchanting chimes blend old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology – harmonizing art and science to uplift the spirit and delight the senses.



Music of the Spheres chimes are also designed to harmonize and accompany each other by hanging together chimes in the same musical tuning but in different sizes (voices), blending musical scales or adding a companion tuning.

On windy days, the chime may be “turned down” by removing the windcatcher, or “turned-off” by sliding the clapper up its cord and suspending it over the ring. 


With every component made here in the USA, these chimes rely on a time-tested combination of weather-resistant materials.  The powder-coated tempered aluminum alloy tubing will never rust or lose its precision tuning.  The high-density polyethylene clappers, UV-stabilized synthetic braid, and stainless steel rings and clips will last indefinitely outdoors.


Meticulous craftsmanship translates into a 7-year warranty for our soprano, mezzo, alto, and Westminster chimes, plus a 15-year warranty for our tenor, bass, contro-bass, and basso profundo chimes.